Concentrated emulsion of “Standard class” with increased content of mineral oil (up to 65 %).
3-10 % treatment emulsion of white color with high lubricating properties is successful during difficult machining: deep drilling, milling, thread machining, and deformation processing: pipe rolling and finning, wire drawing.

Technological properties:
Corrosion preventing
Resistance to biological defeat
Stability on hard water

Technological operations:
lathe turning, cutting, milling, thread cutting, reaming, deformation processing , drawing, rolling, wire drawing, glass and ceramics processing.

Processed materials:
low-alloyed steel grades, cast iron, high-alloyed steel grades, stainless steel grades, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous alloys

CONCENTRATE, UAH / l: 143.40 WORKING SOLUTION, UAH / l: from 4.30
Estimation for concentration of 4 % and more, water cost excluding

canister, l: 10
barrel, l: 50, 200
Barrel used, l: 1000

Additional information
Appearance yellow to dark brown oily liquid
Smell characteristic, not irritating
Density at (20 +/- 1) ° C, g / cm3 0,850-1,100
Viscosity by viscometer VZ-246 with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm at (20 +/- 1) ° C, s, not least than 18
Potential of hydrogen ion (рН) of water solution with the concentrate mass fraction 5 %, рН 9 units 8,5-10,02
Anticorrosive properties: (according to GOST 6243 cl.2). Working solution 5 %, mixed with water of 21 mmol/m3 hardness Braves
Water solution stability with 5 % concentrate mass fraction (layer separated on the solution surface within 3 hours), %, not more 1
Concentrate stability during storage withstands
  • Superior lubricating properties ensure high processing performance and tool durability during cutting and deformation processing
  • Successful processing of viscous aluminum, non-ferrous and stainless alloys
  • It is applied for wire drawing in cable industry
  • Long-term service, corrosion and biological protection
  • Contains no nitrosating agents in its composition
  • Protective, sealing properties for processed products and operating personnel

FERROBETOL-M is a concentrated mineral emulsion with increased oil content.

  • Concentrated high-quality emulsol of “Standard class” with increased content of mineral oil (up to 65 %).
  • It is versatile for various types of machining - edge-cutting machining: lathe turning, milling, drilling and abrasive processing: grinding, etc. By lubricating and wear-resistant properties FERROBETOL-M complies with foreign analogues, which allows using it successfully in difficult machining: deep drilling, power milling, thread machining and deformation processing: cold pipe rolling, AL-pipe finning, copper and steel wire drawing. Successful processing of viscous aluminum, non-ferrous and stainless alloys.
  • It is used as 3-10 % emulsion of habitual opaline color. It provides increased processing speed and performance (on average by 1.3 times), and tool durability (on average by 1.5 times).
  •  Low toxicity hazard - according to the conclusion of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine it is referred to class 4 of hazard. Contains no nitrosating agents.
  • Emulsion is ‘soft’ in operation; it provides protective, sealing properties for processed products and operating personnel.
  • Emulsol has good service characteristics: cost-efficient in use in terms of consumption; compact in delivery and storage; it does not freeze at rather low temperatures and retains its properties after thawing.



  • We ensure professional selection of products, which saves up to 30 % of the resources. The result of our manager’s work is not only a solution to technological problems, but also significant cost savings due to the use of our products.
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  • We provide service backup and testing using our own laboratory. If necessary, our laboratory will render laboratory services free of charge.
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Featured Products

RIMOL, modif eur Concentrated Synthetic Cutting Fluid

The analogue substitute:
Processed materials:
low-alloy steels, cast iron, high-alloy steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous alloys
Technological operations:
тurning, cutting, drilling, мilling, тhread cutting, deployment, polishing, deformation processing, hood, rolling, нydraulic fluid, wire drawing, stamping, production of electric welding pipe, honing, low foam washing, cleaning before coating
Technological properties
  • Lubricating
  • Cleaning
  • Corrosion preventing
  • Resistance to biological defeat
  • Stability on hard water

TEHMOS - 2 Concentrated technical detergent

The analogue substitute:
Processed materials:
low-alloy steels, cast iron, high-alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminium alloys, non-ferrous alloys
Technological operations:
low foam washing, cleaning before coating, washing - active foam
Technological properties
  • Foaming characteristics
  • Detergent properties at low t
  • Corrosion preventing
  • Stability on hard water
  • Resistance to biological defeat
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