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GARTOL Quenching oil

Premium class
Features: Innovative quenching medium of “premium class” with long service life and high operating characteristics providing cost advantages at the stage of use.
Sphere of Use: Quenching oil for hardening bearings, steel parts and critical products.
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-successful quenching of critical parts and bearings at the SKF plants
-cost advantages up to 100% when substituting quenching media of EU countries
-parameters of GARTOL cooling and quenching curves show better values, and the product demonstrates no changes in properties related to sediment build-up, resin sticking typical of domestic analogues
-high detergent and antioxidant capacity provides optimal cooling rate in the temperature range of 9500ºС – 500ºС, ageing and thermos-destruction resistance in the course of usage, minimizing sediment build-up and facilitating its removal from the surface of parts and metal products
-long-life performance without changing quenching capacity - cost advantages at the stage of usage

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